While a mutation can assume many forms, it typically signifies an abnormal trait or ability not common to the species. Mutations can be pronounced or unnoticeable. They may grant extraordinary abilities or effect subtle to grotesque changes in a creature’s physiology. Mutations can be both beneficial and detrimental and encompass a wide spectrum of physical and mental deformities.

Mutations may appear only at birth or manifest as consequences of exposure to corrupting forces in Astral Energy brought about by Inflict RADS or other similar rituals. In this way, a character can choose mutations at character creation as a separate sheet of their character sheet independent of other sections of the character creation process. Mutations cannot be selected individually, but rather the number of mutations gained and their categories are chosen beforehand, and then rolled to gain specific results. Players are encouraged to re-roll any mutations they feel are inappropriate for company present at the gaming table.

A complete list of mutations can be found in The Metamorphica, an online supplement for mutations of many kinds that is well adaptable into any gaming system that uses dice. Players are encouraged to consult this document during character creation.

In order to be classified as a Mutant or Raider, templates are given below for the creation of a Mutant of Raider character in the campaign. Consult the master mutations table or alternative mutations table in the Metamorphica.


If you are a human or member of a similar humanoid race who was born or became mutated, your character gains 1d4 mental mutations (roll 1d200+400 for each) and 1d4 physical mutations (roll 1d400 for each). The addition of other mutations such as the addition gained by the Sorcerer class is then applied after this template.

Natural Raider

If you are a naturally formed raider and have been formed by birth or exposure to mutagenic substances, and thus have gained a connection to the corrupting forces of the Void solely through the amount of Astral Energy you have been exposed to, you gain 1d6+1 physical mutation (roll 1d400 for each), 1d4 mental mutations (roll 1d200+400 for each)) and 1 behavioral mutation (roll 1d100+400)

Void-Touched Raider

If you are a creature that has been forcefully transformed into a raider through Affliction based rituals, direct influence by the Void, or by forceful exposure to mutagenic material caused by other raiders, and thus have gained a connection to the Void through the will of others, you gain 1d6+1 physical mutations (roll 1d400 for each), 1d4 mental mutations (roll 1d200+400 for each), and gain 1 detrimental mental mutation (roll on the detrimental mental mutations table), and 1 beneficial physical mutation (roll on the beneficial physical mutations table).


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