Azura; 10,000 CE

This campaign is not a very classic D&D campaign. Although it shares several features outlined in the official books, it also supports many homebrewed rules and monsters, allowing for a very different setting from that of most published campaigns.

Some of the features of this campaign

  • Set in the far future.
  • Scientific explanations of magical phenomenon.
  • A history from modern day to the campaign year.
  • A world map, and maps of smaller areas.

Some frequently asked questions and background:

Specific homebrew rules used for this campaign include:

  • House Rules used
  • Mutations: A rule set for the effects of living in a blasted world
  • Alignments: The set of nine alignment types from earlier versions of D&D are used, rather than the normal 4th edition set
  • Certain restrictions on Player Races, and Classes and Themes
  • Magic surges and mishaps
  • Specific rules for using Rituals
  • Campaign specific Religion, including Deities and Domains for Divine Power characters

Azura; 10,000 CE

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