The Ancients

The Ancients are the race that lived on this world long before the Great Disaster. They were a race that existed without magic as we know it, and relied on their craftsmanship to shape the world around them. The use of different materials to manufacture world-shaping devices is known today as Ancient magic, and is never practiced upon Azura any longer. The Ancients were such a powerful race that is said that they enslaved all of nature to be used and controlled it under their heel.

Very few ancients exist today, and those that do are extremely old and have done something to increase their lifespan, such as immortality or lichdom. Modern Ancients are hidden from the world, and they are never seen by an everyday man or woman any longer. The Ancients hold a racial guilt due to their inability to save their species despite their hard efforts. Some remember a time where they could see their very creations streak across the night sky. Some ancients hold a deep hate for the world that exists today.

This is not a playable Race.

Examples of the Ancients

Adalgrim – This old wizard from the Midnight Shore area is supposedly an Ancient, or closely related to them. He not only manages feats of magic beyond any Rituals or works of arcane power in the known world, but some of his devices and ways of communication don’t possess any Astral Signature whatsoever. His appearance may yield clues to the true nature of the Ancients, as to the few that have seen him, describe him as an exceedingly old human man.

The Spear of the Ancients – This is the most well known Ancient artifact of the Midnight Shore area. It was found within a temple created in the Crown of the Ancients, inside a crate labeled AX274 Gryphon. Although it possesses no Astral Signature, it’s operations are similar to that of a rifle, if you include the multicolored crystals used for activation of the weapon, and the large laser beam that results when the trigger is pulled.

The Crown of the Ancients – Well known as a god forsaken jungle along the coastline of the Dragon’s Teeth, it’s among the only known jungles of the world. It’s thriving with life, and in the center is an Ancient Temple known as the Four Towers. Adventurers report strange occurrences within the towers, among the many, are folding along dimensional plains within the temple itself.

The Ancients

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