This is a re-fluff of the Race Shardmind from PH3. If you’re a player in this campaign wishing to play a Shardmind, speak with your GM.

Shardmind are a strange race of crystalline creatures. They are bound out of pure Astralite and the pure strength of their Will. The first Shardmind was a Messiah Level Psion who decided that she no longer wished to be trapped in the weak human form and transformed herself into something more powerful. Most Shardminds have formed isolated underground societies deep in the radioactive bowels of Azura. They are especially fond of the highly energy-full Elemental Chaos and Feywild.

Every Shardmind is so radioactive that a single living creature being in their presence is exposed to radiation that shoves them far beyond the 4th mutation category, vaporizing them instantly into tiny, radioactive quantum particles. All Shardminds are immune to radiation and its effects, so a Shardmind society can thrive in extreme sources of radiation. Shardmind Will is so strong, however, that those who wish to expose themselves to living creatures can contain their Astral Energy to within their body. This does lead to a buildup of energy, which is why Shardmind can also make excellent Sorcerers.

Most Shardminds build highly intricate and alien societies located deep beneath even the Underdark. The psionic force within a Shardmind’s mind comes naturally to them, so a call for help, a prophecy, or something else may call to the Shardmind and he may investigate the source. Some leave the nest to seek out great destinies, or great evils. For whatever reason they’re above the surface, they always have a purpose, and are quite rare.

Shardminds are unique in a way that they’re immortal. When a Shardmind is killed and has gone past unconsciousness, its force of will is no longer capable of holding its form, and it crumbles into a mess of highly radioactive Astralite. In a random place in the world, as long as Astralite is present, the Shardmind will immediately spring back to life. It will remember its purpose, but nothing about who it met or what it had. It will be as if the Shardmind left the nest anew again. It is possible to redirect where a Shardmind will revive, but this requires highly evil magic. It’s even possible to use a Shardmind, living or dead as a battery to fuel an extremely powerful Astralite device.

As a last resort, any Shardmind can choose to “detonate” itself. It would shut down all bonds it makes with the Astralite that makes up its body, all the wards for its friends, and irradiate everyone in the room. Those who fail their Fortitude save vs. radiation, vaporize under the extreme radiation. Those who succeed, suffer extreme mutation equal 50+ the level of the Shardmind. A Shardmind is only capable of detonating itself, not lowering its defenses. Once the will shields are down, only detonation will release the radiation again.


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