The races of the Midnight Shore area worship nature in four aspects of existance: the Sky, Sea, Earth, and Desert. Some of these, such as Sky and Nature, have individual factions within them. The everyday man holds coin worship to every faction, but aligns himself to one, whether being of his choice, with the assistance of an oracle, or a family patron. Some do not align themselves at all, and these are the ones seeked out by cults of idol worshippers, hoping to turn these young souls to their dark ways.

Alignment holds some sway over which domains a player may have access to. Some are restricted to certain alignments, and are listed below.


The sky is split into two factions, the Sun and Moon. Although they are almost complete opposites of each other, they are considered allies. The sun and moon are the closest allies on the face of Azura, and are a symbol of family and friendship. There are some, however, that feel that their half is superior to the other half, and will actively persecute the worshippers of their opposite.

The Sun is worshipped as a symbol of the male persona, and is exemplified by warm colors. It is considered a Good aligned religion. It holds sway over the following domains:

  • Hope
  • Justice
  • Love
  • Sun (light)

The Moon is worshipped as the female incarnation, and is represented by cold colors. It tends towards Chaotic alignments. It includes the domains of:

  • Arcana (magic)
  • Darkness
  • Fate (including mystery)
  • Moon

Sky worshippers consider Earth Worshippers their natural enemies. Evil sky worshippers should seek out and kill residents of the earth, such as Underdark creatures, whenever possible.


Worshippers of the Earth are Neutral as the nature which comes from it. Earth is a large contributor to everyday life of a normal person, making it the top worshipped patron out of them all. Earth worshippers are enemies to the Sky, being the natural opposite of them.

The Earth controls the domains of:

  • Civilization (cities and hospitality, politics)
  • Creation (crafting, escpecially weapons and metals)
  • Death
  • Earth (stone)
  • Protection (shelter and toughness)
  • Strength
  • War (honorable combat)

Nature, however, is a sign of the Sky, Earth, and Sea working together, and can be worshipped as an individual patron. Creature of the world in all their forms, from land to sea and sky, are revered by Nature.

The domains controlled by Nature would be:

  • Earth (soil, growth, crops, plant life)
  • Life
  • Storm
  • Wilderness
  • Winter (seasons)


Elves, Eladrin, and other Fey are prime worshippers of the Sea. It is said that the Fey were born when the Moon and Sea attempted to create a creature of their own. Fey have long left the sea, however, and have joined the relation of the Earth, Sky, and Sea, the nature in the world. The sea is revered by fishermen and sailors, as well as creatures of the forest such as Elves.

The Sea holds sway over:

  • Change
  • Freedom (including travel)
  • Knowledge (scholars)
  • Life (maternity, birth, development)
  • Love
  • Luck
  • Sea
  • Skill (strategy and power)
  • Trickery

The Sea is a natural enemy of the Desert.


The desert is regarded by most as the enemy of all. It represents all that kills, destroys, and seeks to end what the other three created. Yet, without the patron Desert, the world would not be equal, and would still be missing the pieces necessary to make it a whole. Raiders, Yuan Ti, and Fire Elementals revere the Desert. Some members of the common races worship the desert as their patron, focusing on desert’s balance with the others.

The Desert is the domain of:

  • Civilization (trade and commerce)
  • Destruction (it does not like the creations of other creatures)
  • Justice (in it’s most basic, harsh, primal form)
  • Madness
  • Poison (including drugs)
  • Strife (destructive battle and chaos, evil)
  • Torment (including fire and blood)
  • Tyranny
  • Vengeance

The Desert considers all its enemies that are beneath it, although it hates the Sea, most of all.


A fifth aspect, Void, is truly Evil aligned, and not available for player characters. It is the worship of the Elemental Chaos, the very matter of the universe as it was created. Dark, horrible things exist in the Chaos, and only the most foolish seek knowledge there. However, all sentient beings acknowledge the Void as the primordial matter from which life, and existance, came from.

Void holds sway over the following domains:

  • Creation (world building)
  • Destruction
  • Strife
  • Torment
  • Undeath


As with all religions, the religion of the Midnight Shore area demands worship be it’s followers in many different ways. Depending on the deity and the person, these practices may be as simple as holding a holiday celebration on a certain day or saying a prayer each night. Below are just some examples of how members of the religion show their devotion to their patron.

  • Hold a feast on the summer solstice in order to show your devotion to the Sun
  • Leave the symbol of the Desert on the body of someone you brought to justice, to mark them to be taken by the Desert.
  • When you take resources from a natural area kneel and say a prayer to allow Nature to reclaim what you have taken.
  • Place a smooth stone in the mouth of your deceased, to ensure their body is taken by the Earth.
  • Sleep in total darkness each night to signify your devotion to the Moon.
  • Inscribe the symbol of the Sea on the bows of your ship before you make a journey, to ensure it’s protection when on the Sea.
  • Swear by the Desert when you seek vengeance on or for someone.
  • Shout to the heavens during a storm to show your devotion to Nature.
  • Wear jewelry created from crystal as an Earth worshiper, created from gold as a Sun worshiper, created from silver as a Moon worshiper, and made from pearls as a sea worshiper.
  • Refuse to kill out of mercy in the name of the Void.
  • Build your home with a side open to the Sea.
  • Keep a flame burning at all times to show your devotion to the Desert.


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