Raiders are a race of mutants that form savage tribal parties. No two raiders are alike. When a severely mutated member of any race is cast out from society, he/she/it can join a raider camp or form their own. The latter is the most common, however.

Raiders have an extremely diverse range of cultures, ranging from nomadic exile to Orc-like raiding camps. There are some raider tribes that ritually expose themselves to Astralite, believing it to be some sort of religious idol. It is groups like these that formed the different races of demons as we know them. These are the worst kind of raider that can be encountered, and often grow to be the most powerful as well.

Due to severe mutation and blood sickness, 95% of raider children, born from one or two raider parents, do not survive to adulthood. The Astral Energy implanted into the parents may keep their hearts going, but an non-irradiated child will not survive mutations of this caliber.

In order to play a Raider, a character must take a minimum of 12 Mutation Points during the creation process. A character constitutes as a Raider when they have accumulated a minimum of 12 Mutation Points.


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