Psionic Magic

How Psionic Magic Works

Force of Will

Most creatures that are capable of psionic magic trained in a monastery, library, school of magic, or other place. This reigns especially true for Monks, whose magic stems directly from the Astral Energy within their body. What most people are unaware of is that the force of will exists in strength beyond comprehension in all psionic creatures. In fact, every creature has a force of will capable of manipulating psionic forces; the only difference is how it’s been amplified.

Naturally, creatures capable of manipulating astral energy with their mind have an extremely high willpower. Their thoughts must be capable of embodying the Astral Energy around them to form what most Psions call a Halo, or Psionic Belt. This is taken a step further with Shardminds, whose willpower abilities allow themselves to form their body of complete Astralite. However it is used, willpower is a vital ingredient in psionic magic.


Psions are capable of great feats with their mental abilities. These range from levitating objects to telepathy to incinerating the foe’s mind with a single, simple thought. The problem is, Psions usually begin their lives just like any other normal creature, only capable of the tiniest psychic feat with the most advanced levels of training. Training does indeed occur for these psions, usually training that takes years off their lives, but still, without a certain level of amplification, Psions couldn’t manifest the mental ability to levitate a pebble.

Some psions, known as Divine psions, absorb everything they need for their magic directly from their environment. These are usually extremely weak, and among Psion controlled communities, they are barely considered Psions at all. Most Psions nowadays absorb astral energy from their body, energy stored directly into their brains. Because the astral energy required for a single spell is normally accumulated in a person’s body after their entire lifetime, most Psions are exposed to certain great sources of Astral Energy that stick with them for the rest of their lives. These may be Astralite, a ley line strike, or even raider rituals. Whatever it is, it usually causes mutation. Every creature in Azura that uses psychic energy will accumulate 1d6 mutation points in each category before first level

Some Psions are sorcerer like in nature and have Astralite in their blood. In this case, the mutations will follow those of a normal sorcerer instead of a Psion. These psions don’t even have to accumulate energy, and they just blast psychic energy left and right. The most powerful of these creatures in existence are known as Messiah Level Psions, and are capable of godlike performances. One of the few ever to have existed turned herself into the first Shardmind, beginning the race.

The Psionic Belt

To summon the energy required for a Psionic spell it takes hours to carefully channel the Astral Energy through their body without doing any damage to oneself and then transfer the energy through a mental link to the target of the spell. This is why Divine Psions are so weak, their spells may be just as strong as a normal Psion’s, but it takes hundreds of times longer to do.

The best Psions are trained in the art of the Psionic Belt. At the beginning of the battle, a minor action can be taken for a Psion to ready his/her abilities like unsheathing a sword. Through the force of their amplified blood and will, they form a glowing halo of Astral energy around a part of their bodies that acts like a mini Astral Plane. It gives a fountain of renewable astral energy for the Psion to feed upon. It’s not an infinite source, but it lasts a very long time.

This allows a Psion to do what would normally take hours in about a second by simply telling the Psionic Belt to create the spell required with the force of amplified will. At the end of a combat, the Belt can be kept alive, but it begins to tax and sap energy from the Psion as well as his companions after about 5 minute per the Psion’s level.

Some monsters, such as Aboleths, Mind Flayers, and Shardmind create a psionic belt naturally, and thus always have them present to draw the energy upon.

Psionic Magic

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