What is Magic

On Azura, the manipulation of Astral Energy, commonly known as Magic, takes many forms. With utilization of the natural patterns Astral Radiation takes within living tissue, particularly well studied, trained, or otherwise learned individuals can manipulate the natural energy to create magical effects. Below you will find the details of four schools of magic and the mechanic changes they make to the game.

Arcane Magic

Arcane magic is one of the most common, and most dangerous forms of manipulation of Astral Energy. Ley Lines are natural streaks of Astral energy formed similar to the way lightning forms. The positively charges Astral electrons found in terrestrial objects such as stone or dirt reacts with the negatively charged Astral particles in the Astral Sea, the ring orbiting the planet. This results in a violent reaction with a large charge of Astral energy transferring to the Astral Sea, or the reverse of. This transfer of energy is known as a Ley Line, and most exsist for only a split second and are invisible. Some, however, can blast holes in the surface of the planet and last for years at a time. It is the manipulation of these Ley Lines that allow for Arcane Magic.

An arcane caster will often draw directly from minor Ley Lines with an implement created, at least in part, with a modified Astralite specimen. The energy received is raw and unshaped, and must be channeled through the caster’s body to form the correct effects. This is highly dangerous, as it is akin to channeling a bolt of lightning through your body. This is one of the reasons it takes years to train a Wizard to level 1, and why magic is so taxing on the user. On the other side, however, it is one of the most powerful form of magic, second only to the raw shaping of the universe.

Mechanic Changes:

When an arcane caster rolls a natural 1 on an attack, they have failed in the transfer process of Ley Line energy and the raw energy is transferred to their cells. They will take one RAD per level of the failed spell.

On the other side, when an arcane caster rolls a critical, the caster can choose to deal
1d6 + ½ the caster’s level damage to anything in a 20 square burst from the caster.

Divine Magic

Divine Magic is transferred from the devout worship of the elements. It is divine casters and their power that had led to the nearly worldwide worship of the elements. Everything on the planet is slightly radioactive with Astral Energy, a remnant from the Great Disaster. Divine casters can transfer this energy directly from their elemental force into their spells or into some holy symbol or other item, for later storage. This is one of the safest ways to cast magic in the world, as divine casters don’t have to limit the amount of energy that they gain, rather, they have to gather this energy before each and every spell. Sometimes, however rarely, the elements don’t respond to the form of the spell given due to impurities or elemental opposites, this causes sudden reactions within the caster.

Mechanic Changes:

Divine casters will occasionally experience this elemental conflict when they roll a natural 1. The caster of the spell will absorb a sudden release of energy, and end up weakened until the caster rolls a successful save.

On the other end, a critical will result in a sudden changing of the elemental forces called on. The force will add to the power of the spell cast and will result in weakening the enemy until the end of the caster’s next turn.

Primal Magic

Primal magic is the manipulation with and contact to Spirits. It is through Primal Magic that Spirits contact the physical plane and material creatures contact the Spirit World. There are many different types of Primal casters and there are many more methods that they may use to perform Primal magic. See Astral Beings

Mechanic Changes:

With this endless communication with Astral Spirits, occasionally these spirits do more than simply manifest their energy with spells. Sometimes they are particularly cooperative or uncooperative. On a natural 1, there are certain drawbacks and on critical there are certain bonuses. Consult the table below.

Manifestation of the Spirit Natural 1 Natural 20
Earth The caster is immobilized (save ends) All enemies within burst 2 are immobilized until the end of the caster’s next turn.
Water The caster is knocked prone and is paralyzed for one round. The target of the spell is paralyzed for 1d4 rounds and can be shifted up to 2 squares.
Light The caster takes 1d6 radiant damage + ½ the caster’s level. The target of this spell takes 1d6+ ½ the caster’s level damage in addition.
Fire The caster is immolated. They take ongoing (half their level) damage. (save ends.) Any enemy within burst 5 can be immolated and will take ongoing (half caster’s level) damage until the end of the caster’s next turn.
Air The caster is suddenly thrown into the air in a random direction. (1d6. 1 Forward. 2 Back. 3 Left, 4 Right, 5 Down (prone if already on the ground.) 6 Up (fall damage as necessary.) The caster suddenly takes on an air like aspect. They gain hover in their movement speed and +4 to AC until the end of their next turn.
Life The caster has their life sucked from them. 1d10 hp are drained to the target of the spell. 1d10 hp are drained to any ally within burst 5. This can be done to yourself.
Nature 1d4 swarms of hostile vine snakes are summoned on top of the caster. These are minions and can deal the caster’s basic melee attack. 1d4 vine snakes (minions, caster’s melee basic attack.) are summoned to attack at the caster’s command. These will disappear when the target of the spell dies, or at the end of the encounter.
Lightning The caster takes 1d6+ ½ spell level lightning damage to their torso. 1d6+ ½ spell level lightning damage can be arced to anyone within burst 3 of the target of the spell.
Necrotic The caster makes a move action and the spell is re-rolled with the nearest ally as the target. (GM dominated.) The soul is extracted from the enemy and is placed on the field as a minion creature with no attacks. The body of the creature dies.

Psionic Magic

Psionic Magic is simply the amplification of a creature’s natural psionic ability using Astral Energy. This natural ability is no more capable of pushing a small stone an inch across the ground than it is levitating a whole creature across the battlefield. Through the use of a Psionic Belt, or other vigorous training or amplification techniques, Psionic magic can be used as a force equal to Arcane, Divine, or Primal Magic. See [[Psionic Magic]

Mechanic Changes:

On a natural 1, a psionic caster will have drawn upon the wrong part of their brain for the natural energy and not only failed, but the massive stress placed on the brain dazes the caster for one round.

In contrast, on a natural 20, the psionic caster will suddenly draw power from the surrounding creature’s minds. Any creature within burst 1 is dazed until the end of the caster’s next turn.

Shadow Magic

Shadow magic stems from the Shadowfell, and is centered off the corruptible forces of Astralite. Said to be bestowed upon the world by the Void, shadow magic is centralized around the manipulation of the intrusive forces of Astral Energy on the mind and body. Mutation and Radiation sickness are both natural manifestations of shadow magic, but those trained in the arts of Shadow Magic have learned to force Astral Energy to manifest itself in other manners. Assassins poison the minds of their allies and enemies to create illusions of invisibility and teleportation, while Vampires manipulate the corruption of blood and body, creating arcane manifestations drawn directly from the energy stored within their unfortunate victims.

Many creatures throughout the world possess connections to the corrupting forces of Astral Energy. Many intelligent parasites, such as the changeling symbiote (comesus effingus), or the vampire symbiote (sanguinare vampiris) have the ability to alter the minds and the bodies of their victims through the use of shadow magic. The process through which a changeling transforms itself into another being is similar to how a creature mutates due to exposure to Astral Radiation, through which the genetic code of the creature fluxuates wildly at the same time as the cellular structure is forced to destroy and rebuild itself in the new form designated by the changed genetic code. In this way, Sorcerers can be seen as manipulators of shadow magic in a way, as the force that gives them power also corrupts their body.

In the way that a sorcerer’s body becomes corrupted to Astral Energy over time, a Shadow caster’s mind will slowly fall thrall to the forces of the Shadowfell.

Mechanic Changes:

Due to the corrupting forces on a Shadowcaster’s mind, in the event of a natural 1, the Shadow caster has experienced a wave of corrupting energy absorbed directly into his psyche. The shadow caster will gain a penalty to Will equal to his level until his next turn. Subsequently, in the event of a natural 20, the Shadow caster has achieved a victory over the forces he channels, granting him a bonus to Will equal to his level until his next turn.


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