Classes and Themes

Restricted Classes

The Hybrid class and Vampire class are not allowed in the campaign (unless given by GM permission.)


Players are encouraged to adopt a Theme for their character, to better help with developing background. There are certain themes in the standard D&D books that do not fit the campiagn world. Those themes not available to player characters are:

  • Athasian Minstrel (DS)
  • Cultist (BVD)
  • Fatedancer (DR401)
  • Gloomwrought Emissary (DR400)
  • Harper Agent (NW)
  • Infernal Prince (DR406)
  • Jannisary (EC)
  • Moteborn (EC)
  • Noble Adept (DS)
  • Oghma’s Faithful (NW)
  • Oracle of the Evil Eye (BVD)
  • Primordial Adept (EC)
  • Reaver (BVD)
  • Son of Alogandhar (DR402)
  • Student of Evard (NW)
  • Templar (DS)
  • Veiled Alliance (DS)
  • * Vile Scholar (BVD)

The following are restricted to characters from the Feywild:

  • Fey Beast Tamer (FW)
  • Unseelie Agent (FW)
  • Wild Hunt Rider (FW)

The following may be available in other parts of the campaign world (all from Dragon magazine 404):

  • Samurai
  • Sohei
  • Yakuza

Classes and Themes

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