Azura; 10,000 CE

Newcomers in Yamen'Kathala

The Earth spirit was released, the four golden totems were collected, and as the great spirit’s worldly form dissipated, it left a small stone orb behind, an Orb of Stored Energy. The players, now able to escape these hot, steaming caverns, stopped suddenly when they saw that the far wall of the cavern was constructed flat, with metal. There appeared to be a large door set into it made out of the same metal, with the inscription in Ancient, Vault 72. Re-connecting broken tubes leaking oil like substance on the sides of the room, the door activated with the voice command “access”, and released a display that appeared to be asking for a seven digit code. Without the password, the players made a note of the Vault’s existence, and continued on their way out of the cavern.

Nearing Yamen’Kathala, the party encountered the village of Este that evening, during the festival of blood. The players were invited into the village, fed, and given a place to rest. They were also invited to join the celebrations, which many of them did. But there is no rest for the wicked, as they say, and sitting around the fire the party encountered a strange cloaked man. His hand was silver and metallic, and removing his hood, they noticed that his face consisted of nothing but a single large orb implanted into a metallic human head. At first shocked by the android, it soon explained that it was the wizard Adalgrim from back in Midnight Shore, and it sent this android here by locking on to the party’s temporal position to offer them a way back. He warned that the forces that be would cause the island to be overrun with spirits of steam and mud, and then force the island to sink into the sea very soon. The android could be activated to create a short term portal back to Midnight Shore, but that would mean leaving the natives to their devices with armageddon coming.

The party nobly refused the offer and decided that to combat the warning of an Alu’Nore army they would need to unite the tribes. The following morning, trudging through several hangovers, the party left the Village of Este with several hundred pounds of cannibalized metal from the android. They walked their way to the north, following the river to it’s source, and eventually managed to see the city of Yamen’Kathala, nestled in the valley between two mountains, and cradling one source of the Kal’Loke river. They entered the city after being inspected by the guards, and proceeded to repair the burnt limb of Ix with a warforged like cyborg limb similar to the leg of Arlyyn at a medical shop. The party then split up, with Cam and Cenarious traveling through the Amba’an to reach something on the map known as the Sacred Stone, while the rest of the party went and traveled to the palace so they could speak to the High Shaman.

The actual palace was 400 steps in the air, and everyone but A’kahn felt the effects of near suffocation when they made it to the top. Rushing to the High Shaman’s personal quarters, he soon nullified the suffocation effect, explaining that the top of this palace is affected by the spirits of air, and those not trained in the ways of primal magic soon find themselves suffocating up here. Among other things, it keeps solicitors out. A brief conversation commenced and the party explained to the High Shaman that the Alu’Nore and the Uru’gwaith have returned, and with them, the potential destruction of the island. They convinced him that he would need to unite the tribes under an order of peace, and the ideal way to do this would be to send the party to Yamen’Avathar in order to present the treaty. Then the conversation moved forward to wonder why the Alu’Nore had escaped in the first place, and after the realization that the barriers created by the Great Temple had been broken, the Shaman agreed to meet the party in three days at the base of the temple so together they could investigate.

Later that evening, resting in a warded room of an inn, the party watched shadows of the Alu’Nore screaming and clawing away through the mist rising off the lake…


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