Azura; 10,000 CE

In Hot Water

Session on September 10th

As the party delved deeper into the dungeon, they were first met by a small group of six natives. These natives were from the village of the Climbing Horse, the village that had been conquered by the Alu’Nore. The natives, dripping with an infinite stream of boiling water and clutching their necks as if they were drowning, pleaded for help from the adventurere, but all they could do was put them out of their misery. Within the room they encountered a silver plate upon an altar, with a severed human hand colored and decorated to look like a brightly colored bird. They also encountered a Sacred Mask, devoted to the spirits of the sun.

In the next room the party encountered another native, although he was insane on his own accord. The native, who detailed in his journal his descent into madness while being possessed by the Alu’Nore and how he tricked his tribe into joining forces with the geysers. This native not only had a penchant for reanimating the severed body parts of his tribesmen, but also a penchant for the wines made of the blood of his enemies. Afterwards, the party decided to rest, but were haunted throughout the night by a steamy apparition of the Alu’Nore’s creation. Ix found himself cursed by the apparition, although the exact results of this are yet to be discovered.

Walking along a boardwalk, just inches away from the boiling waters, a large area, with two platforms, revealed a group of Alu’Nore and their cultists. After destroying the Alu’Nore and the cultists, the party found a Psyweave Cloak within a chest, somehow dedicated directly to Cenarious. The chest was noted by someone by the name of Fea’Aliye, Kindred of Spirit. A Mask of Fear was also found within a pit filled with boiling water and floating, screaming skulls. Lastly , within the room the party found a small dish of water enchanted with elemental cold, which allowed the boiling water in the entire cavern to be cooled. The party has been incapable of reproducing the water so far.

The plot of the dungeon centered around an Alu’Nore plot to release an earth spirit in a rage great enough to destroy the island. The party released the spirit by removing the solid gold capturing totems from the cardinal directions and slaying the incarnation of the spirit before he grew too powerful…


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