Azura; 10,000 CE


From the portal spewed apparitions of elemental creatures from each of the four major elemental planes. The party fought these apparitions accompanied by a small group of arcane casters and fighters, and managed to stabilize the portal for a short time. The portal was opened to an area fairly close to the mainland of the Feywild, and beyond the portal they saw the thick steaming jungles of the land beyond.

Seeking further adventure, the party entered the portal, and found themselves in the lowlands of Anan’Teleien, a fairly large island to the east of the main Feywild landmass. They entered the island through a massive rift that spewed Astral Energy into the area around it, and soon found that just as the rift opened, it closed again, leaving the party stranded in the thick jungles. The only choice was to either venture further into the lowlands, or to climb the massive cliff separating the lowlands and the highlands, known locally as Ruth’Cabed.

Deciding to venture further into the lowlands, the party soon encountered some sort of blink dragon subspecies. The fight was short, but the creature was not the true threat to the party. A hunting party stalking the beast soon followed, and several natives attacked the party, but found that the newcomers into the lowlands were far more powerful than they expected. With the hunting party defeated, the adventurers continued on through the jungle, crossing rivers and finding many strange creatures along the way. It was then they were intercepted by a single native.

The native showed the adventurers to her village, created in the middle layer of the jungle, over the heads of the ground dwelling creatures. Here they met a small village of native elves, and found a place to rest. Here they also spoke to the shaman of the village, and learned more about their true purpose on Anan’Teleien.

Anan’Teleien was populated by two tribes, the Avathar and the Kathara. The Avathar tribe populated the savage jungles of the lowlands, while the Kathara inhabited the forests and mountains of the highlands. These tribes were mortal enemies, but the reason why had been sent into legend, buried by the sands of time. Here they also heard two legends of the people

Two very powerful beings existed in the endless jungles to the West long before the age of elves, the king of beasts, Gamad’Kelvar, and the serpent queen Gaer’loke. These beings became lost in a sudden storm when rowing off the coast in search of fish, and soon fell in love with each other. Gamad’Kelvar and Gaer’loke decided to abandon the rule of the Feywild, and they found an island to live on. Then, they began to fight with each other, as they were both now trapped on an empty island with each other, and the Earth moved with Gamad’Kelvar and the Sea with Gaer’Loke, tearing the island into two halves, separated by a cliff. The highlands and the lowlands were created. In anger, each of them left to their sides of the island and fell asleep. Gaer’Loke became the Kal’loke River and gave birth to the jungles, and Gamad’Kelvar became the mountains of the highlands and the beasts of the island. Gamad’Kelvar now rules the island, stalking the jungles of his wife’s rule, while Gaer’Loke still sleeps at the bed of the river, and has yet to awaken.

Long ago, before the days of the Kathara and the Avathar, there was a pair of elves who landed on the island by a strange storm. When they landed they saw the divided lands and decided to stay as it was a paradise unimaginable by the elves. As they began to live there, out of the jungle was born a great beast known as Gamad’Kelvar. Its size was great, and its beauty was unmatched. The beast spoke to the elves and told them that the Earth was with them, and the jungle and highlands are both theirs, as long as they share the lands among all people. If they were to divide the lands, the power of the Earth that shaped the island would abandon them, and leave them to live without the Earth’s guidance. Then the beast receded into the forest. Still today Gamad’Kelvar stalks the jungles of the lowlands, and one day may rise again, to bring the power of Earth onto the separated peoples.

Here they also encountered the Changling Assassin, Cam, who was being stored alive for use in upcoming victory feasts. Following many hours of diplomacy, A’khan was challenged to the test of the blood, where he was expected to not only defeat the members of the village in battle, but also destroy an entire Kathara village, in order to gain a position of respect among the distrusting Avathar people. Soon they left the village and headed east to Ruth’Cabed. And there A’khan experienced the test of the blood.

A’khan destroyed what few forces they encountered at the base of the mountain, with a little help from his friends, of course, but unexpectedly, the rift along the side of the cliff opened once more, shaking the island and causing a rock slide along the side. Still, the adventurers climbed Ruth’Cabed in order to make their way to a Kathara village and destroy it. Before they even found such a village, they were confronted by a similar hunting party constructed of Kathara beserkers and lead by a Kathara beastmaster. This beastmaster, who was later revealed to be Arlyyn Ist’Analiyar, an Elf Sorcerer, prevented bloody combat by diplomacy and managed to lead the adventurers back to the village, along with the unconcious bodies of the Avathar challengers.

The adventurers not only were being lead by a native, Arlyyn, but were also carrying with them a peace offering of the unconcious bodies of the Avathar, were welcomed into the village rather than attacked at first. They were greeted by Roscal, the shaman of the village, and he discovered the strong primal connections to A’khan and the strong Astral connections to the others. The party was invited to a feast after a small hunting trip where they killed a Herald of the Storm, some sort of giant gorilla creature that seems to bring wind and rain with it as it travels the highlands. Regardless, that evening, the party met the people of the village.

They met many of the people of the village, and came as close as outsiders could to being members of the Kathara. Along with Roscal, there was Tiri’lindir, his daughter and healer of the tribe. Sangan and Atost’tari were the weapon and armorsmiths of the tribe. Tur’Kelvar was the greatest beastmaster of the tribe, and was the master of Arlyyn, while Turohtar was the master of Beserkers. They also learned that this village was the only in the highlands, as far as they know, to have Istari (sorcerers) born to it. Arlyyn was one of the earlier Istari, but Ista’tali, Seler’falma, and Seler’maer also held the title of Istar.

The following morning, as they awoke within the village, they were called to Tiri’lindir’s hut for a strange occurance. Over night, the village had been visited by a very sick man, who’s ailment was unknown to both Elliora and Tiri’lindir. During the time where the party saw him, he awoke, screaming and frantically speaking of spiraling darkness and mixing spirits, before promptly falling unconscious once more. Tiri’lindir begged the adventurers to travel to a cave about a day’s walk from the village and retrieve The Eye of Ure’loki, a cave leviathan. Supposedly the juices of the eye could cure the ailment in order for the party to gain more information from the sick visitor. And so they left.

At the cave, the adventurers fought in very cramped quarters a large party of Avathar searching for the beast too, met Ixmort the IX, a fey pack warlock and treasure hunter, who found himself in the Kathara highlands through simmilar reasons, and slew the young cave leviathan Ure’loki, retrieving it’s only working eye from it’s corpse. A’khan and Cam both found themselves swept away by a raging current in Ure’loki’s layer, and were seperated from the party, finding themselves in the lowlands.

A’khan and Cam both found themselves in a thick swamp shortly, and decided to stay in a broken down hut overnight. In the night, they were attacked by strange creatures of mud that seemed to be tied to the swamp itself. After destroying these creatures, they were haunted the rest of the night by these mud creatures, but the following morning, they found no sign of them besides a thick layer of mud below the surface of the water.

Back at the village, the adventurers created a concoction from the eye and the visitor awoke. Although disoriented, he managed to explain how he was the shaman of the village of the Climbing Horse, a village to the northwest. He managed to tell the party that something called the Alu’Nore and the Uru’gwaith had returned, and were bound to wreak havoc on the elves of Anan’teleien if they were allowed to mobilize.

When asking Roscal, he explained that the Uru’gwaith were the mud creatures A’khan encountered before, or more specifically, the swamps that the mud creatures are minions of. The Alu’Nore were the sentient steam elementals and the spirits of the highland geysers they are tied to. Each of these elemental creatures are the minion of a greater patron spirit of Anan’Teleien. The Alu’Nore, the tools of Gaer’Loke, and the Uru’Gwaith, the spirits of Gamad’Kelvar. If it is true that they have returned, then a great unbalance must have angered the spirits, and if balance is not brought to the tribes soon, the island itself is doomed to sink into the sea.

The party formed a plan. They would travel to the village of the Climbing Horse to gather swift mounts in order to reach the center of the Kathara tribe, Yamen’Kathara, a town to the north. Here they would plea the High Shaman to speak to the High Shaman of the Avathar, and hopefully bring peace to the people. In order to reach the town, a long journey of nearly 100 miles would have to be made. So they purchased what supplies they could from a common speaking elf called Olin’var, and set off to Yamen’Kathara.

After two and a half days of travel they found the village of the Climbing Horse, but something had gone very wrong. All the villagers had been turned into the pawns of strange creatures, and the very ground itself cracked and the lake boiled at nearly 400 degrees. The spirits of steam, the Alu’Nore, had attacked the village of the Climbing Horse, and the party barely won the battle, but not after the unfortunate, but short lived death of Arlyyn.

Arlyyn was Raised, and after the party experienced the power of the Alu’Nore, they shuddered to see what could come if they created an army of such. Further on their journey they found a cave that showed strange primal activity occuring within, and they entered to investigate, but found that as they came to what appeared to be an inhabited area, they were truly in hot water…


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