Azura; 10,000 CE

Secrets of the Vault

Now in possession of the secret code to unlock the gates of Vault 72 (see Crawl: In Hot Water), the party set off across the Kathara highlands to the Vault to seek what mysteries lay within. Along the way, the party became more acquainted with their newfound allies. Karak Farwander revealed his past as a slave and gladiator serving under an evil Mind Flayer deep in the underdark. He was exiled from his clan years before that moment, but recently escaped the thrall of his dark master and fled to the surface in hopes of evading the Mind Flayer’s grasp. He has come to the surface not only for that reason, but to investigate the magical events that have caused primal disruption in the Earth. RELIC turned out to be an Ancient construct that gained sentience recently during Ruth’Cabed. His original function as a memory database and ancient librarian for an Ancient stronghold somewhere in the highlands had run down, and so he escaped his place of origin and began to explore the Highlands to discover what the world had to offer. One day, he hopes to learn his true origin and reassemble his broken memories.

While the cavern to Vault 72 was now cool as the water flowed through it, as if the Alu’Nore had left this place entirely, the Vault door stood strong, embedded into the stone of the cavern wall. Ancient technology on the wall allowed the great iron door to open by voice access, the code Singularity allowing access to the depths below. In the first room of the Vault, the party discovered that it had been abandoned for what seemed like centuries. While the rooms were stable, reinforced by some incredible metal bearing the weight of the earth on it, the technology was quite a bit more run down. Still, RELIC was able to force an access panel similar to the ones seen in Kel’Este to reveal information on the Vault, or rather, the purpose of the Vault itself.

_This is the future. The upper containment door has been breached from the outside using the security password, meaning that the denizens of the future world have, after rebuilding civilization after a disaster of nearly apocalyptic proportions, come to retrieve you, the people of one of the many Vaults located across the surface of the planet. As one of the members of VAULT 72, you will remember walking into the Vault, knowing the land you come from as ##! NOT FOUND ##, but by now the world has probably changed quite a bit. As people first leave the vaults, disaster is likely to occur. People will form barbaric tribes and begin to fight and eventually consume each other as their bodies and minds are exposed to toxic radiation which is still likely to persist in the ground and atmosphere. We ask kindly that you do not do this, as, for the sake of your species, you must form orderly civilizations as you wander into the wastes. Others may not, so be prepared. Do not come into contact with mutants roaming the surface. Mutants are extremely dangerous and are likely to consume you for nutrition. If you must contact mutants, do so with a long stick, iron rod, or other long distance reaching device which you may or may not find on the surface. Arm yourself. A pointy stick can mean the difference between life and death. The Security Wing of Vault 72 provides many advanced technologies of which you can use to easily defend yourself against roving bands of bloodthirsty mutants. ## BREACH IN SECURITY WING. DO NOT ENTER SECURITY WING ##

The Vault has been opened via external means, meaning that it has been at least an entire millennium since you were frozen down here. You may have noticed that after over a thousand years of cryogenic freezing, you and others around you are suffering from what top scientists name Hibernation Sickness. You may notice that you are suffering from ataxia, muscle deterioration, blindness, hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, loss of bowel control, bone deterioration, loss of melanin in the skin, hair loss, or other distinct and possibly life threatening symptoms commonly associated from being frozen for a thousand years. Don’t worry. Just proceed to the life support wing located next to the cryogenic chambers and our expertly crafted robotic surgeons will care for you ##! BREACH IN LIFE SUPPORT. DO NOT ENTER LIFE SUPPORT WING ##!#

If you are traveling with the elderly, sick, or with small children, the Warden of Vault 72 has the following advice. “Don’t travel with the elderly, sick, or small children. These groups of people are highly susceptible to the ravages of the outside world. Just leave them in the cryogenic stasis pod you have been assigned to, and come back to retrieve them once civilization is rebuilt. Don’t worry, they won’t feel the time pass at all.”

Due to continental drift, and accelerated evolution thanks to ambient mutagenic radiation in the atmosphere, the world beyond will not be anything like the world you remember. All maps and books containing information on what exists in the outside world are now useless. After a thousand years of a lifeless world, what could only be described as horrific monsters may have evolved beyond the walls. Bacteria have also had plenty of time to adapt to the world outside, making all of our medicine likely useless against the hyper-complex diseases that have evolved without the presence of sentient life. Good luck.

All technology in this facility works using the laws of physics commonly known to our civilization. Just because the technology has deteriorated and no longer works does not mean the laws of physics have changed significantly. If the laws of physics actually no longer apply in the future, God help you.

the instructions go on for another 50 pages |

This was only the beginning of what the Vault could reveal. Down an endless shaft lay the main floor of the Vault. Three doors lay before the party, one with a crystal lacking a glow embedded into it’s surface, the others glowing red. Ancient text above the doors labeled the wings as Security Wing, Cryogenics Ward, and Generators. Being the only door that could be moved, the party proceeded down the Security Wing. There they found that the Ancient security measures were still online, and several Ancient constructs, more advanced and polished than RELIC, attempted to kill the party using advanced sonic weaponry mounted to their arms. They were no match for the magic and skill of the party, but RELIC took one of their sonic weapons to experiment with anyway. Even deeper, the party found a large room swarming with irradiated deep-rats, and massive juggernauts that appeared to be used for construction. Nearly being destroyed by the indestructible machines, the party managed to save themselves at the last second by using flaming oil flasks to torch the rats out of their holes, clearing the room. Finally they progressed to the Security Center, but it appeared that over time dangerous black mushrooms had grown in the center of the room, filling the room with deadly spores. While not immune to disease, RELIC was resistant, and so braved the fog to unlock the Cryogenics ward and retrieve a +3 Ancient Transfusion Sphere.

(An Ancient Transfusion Sphere is an Ancient device designed for impromptu use on the battlefield. It was used to upgrade weaponry and armor quickly, although it can be used to make quick, mid combat repairs. With the mental command of a humanoid creature, it will transform into a swarm of nanites, which will quickly deconstruct a weapon and reconstruct it into a more advanced form. The weapon will begin to draw energy from nearby sources, so bring extra batteries. In the case of a sphere used now, it will begin to draw magical energy from the environment.
By a player’s command, the sphere will transform any weapon or item into the magic item designated to it. In this case, the item will become a +3 Magic Weapon. Any previous enchantments will be replaced, and the sphere is consumed in the process.)

A revealed passage to a Storage Room was also unlocked, revealing the Ancient Stockpile. While over the years the more perishable goods such as clothing and weaponry had disintegrated into moldy dust, the party did fine many bars of tasteless gell, which, after a good amount of examination, were revealed to be equivalent to trail rations in nutritional value. The party took several of these, as well as another Ancient Transfusion Sphere (Helm of Battle)buried in rust.

In the Cryogenics Ward the party was initially faced with a long room filled with many kinds of mushrooms. When stepped on, there was a chance that some dangerous black mushrooms would erupt, filling the five foot area they were in with deadly spores. Carefully testing the mushrooms with their ten foot poles, they managed to navigate the minefield, revealing writing on the wall that read “Trapped. No word from the outside. No escape. We die here in this tomb where time forgot” as well as a rough iron box that contained two Syringes with potions of Regeneration inside of them.

The party thought it strange that something would be able to get into the Vault to write on the wall. As the progressed to the Infirmary, that was only reinforced. Many Ancient and run down medical drones were awakened at the entering of the room, revealing a vicious scene of blood and gore painted upon the walls and goods in the room. While the medical drones weren’t very difficult to dispatch, despite their reckless attempts to dissect, anesthetize, and cremate the party members, there were obvious signs of something living down here. Bloody footprints scattered across the floor, and bloody smears on the glass of access panels. Inscribed in the same blood was written “We are now the few and the many. The last one gives himself to aid me.” Within the cabinet this was written on the party found 1000gp of Healing Reagents, just enough to cast Raise Dead.

In the final room of the medical ward the party found the Stasis Chambers, or what was left of them. The small room was coated in the faint blue glow from each chamber, who’s protective glass surfaces had been shattered. The contents of the chambers had been extracted, and the fresh Ancient corpses that lay within had been torn to shreds, scattered across the floor of the room in a thick sheet of bone and rotting flesh. Finally it was revealed what was living down here. A small raider, skin painted in blackened blood and spines extruding from his spine, was crouched in the corner, chewing upon one of the frozen eyes of an Ancient. While the maddened mutant was a fairly difficult fight thanks to his cunning speed and disregard for sentient life, the party managed to slay him and learned on his last breath that he was but a scout for a greater threat. Natural curiosity caused RELIC to keep the eyeball, and found in the carpet of flesh an Ancient docent, when applied would grant a Warforged an integral Helm of Languages.

The eyeball turned out to be the perfect fit for the scanner to the door of the Generator Wing. Opening that, the party found a gruesome sight. The floor had been worn away from thousands of years of exposure to radioactive waste. While it would be safe in giant glass containers, the containers had been moved, and shattered, to make a working home for many raiders, mutated beyond recognizably and living in the sludge. The party was forced to jump from platform to platform, avoiding the vicious claws of the mutants and the balls of sludge they threw at the party. Arlyyn was the only one not capable of crossing, and was exposed to the deadly radiation many times over. While contracting a serious case of Radiation Sickness, the quick skills of Elliora kept Arlyyn from mutating.

As the main doorway was blocked by the sea of sludge, a maintenance pathway brought the party to a small room inhabited by strange creatures. Deep-rats had been mutated to gain incredible speed, burrowing through the stone and metal walls like swimming through water, and melting into piles of radioactive goo when defeated. They were accompanied by a group of four drow raiders, who’s exposure to the radioactive waste had rendered their minds and bodies to the point of no return. The destruction of the drow was of moderate difficulty, the challenge coming from attempting not to touch them and contract Radiation Sickness. In the irradiated belongings of one of the drow they found two items, a beautiful silver wiring and silk necklace of drow make, and a holy symbol to the Earth, of Dwarven make, labeled “Property of the Farwander Clan”.

In the next room, which was closer to a corridor with ends collapsed, the party found three run down Ancient constructs, mounted with special weapons that generated beams of intense cold, presumably for putting out fires. Their cores were harvested by the party as three 500g Aquamarine stones that had absorbed strange magical energies, keeping the constructs operational.

Finally, the party looked upon the Generator Room. A great ancient device embedded into the wall, glowing with a torrent of Astral Energies lay at the far side of the room. Waste containers appeared to be placed in uniform patterns all across the room, what appeared to be done manually by some great creature. An entrance tunnel to the room to the far right appeared to be blocked off.

From behind the central container appeared the raider leader. Although semi-drow in appearance, Rixiit, the Raider Sludge Lord, spoke as if his mind had been completely encompassed by the Void.

“_I’ve been watching you. Stumbling about like a clueless herd of animals. Shying away from the slightest hint of slime, or gas, or mutated creature. Have you ever stopped to think that the dreadful, horrific mutated monstrosities you have been slaughtering were once people like you? Adventurers in too far over their heads, or a lucky few who were chosen. You fear radiation so much you would rather die than become like us. You pity us, seek to rescue us on the edge of your swords.
I was once like you, you know. An explorer of depths, and liberator of treasures. But then I found the Void. Now I am lord of this timeless tomb, my many drow comrades, transformed into my faithful servants. And what’s more, I have power beyond any I could have conceived. Thanks to the Void…”

Suddenly the container in the center of the room shatters open, flinging shards of glass a bits of radioactive slime into the area around it. A creature is revealed within. Coated in slime like a stillborn child of the void, the creature quickly grows in size, sprouting long spines and limbs as it rapidly increases in strength. “…I am reborn!”_

As the party attacked Rixiit, his power grew. As they slowly worked away at his health, Rixiit continued to mutate. First growing to Large size and gaining the strength of a small Giant, then transforming one of his limbs into a bow of bone and sinew, then gaining the ability to summon golems out of the sludge in the containers aroung him, and finally developing a mind capable of inflicting psychic damage and dominating the party members. Each attack by Rixiit smashed open one container in another, slowly coating the room in radioactive slime. In the end, he fell, but not before nearly everyone contracted Radiation sickness, and the room became carpeted with radioactive sludge. The panel near the generator was activated by RELIC and read;

“Welcome, Vault citizen. At this time, the Medical wing has been breached. You are no doubt aware that that means that the many inhabitants of Vault 72 are trapped in our secure storage facility below the main floor. It appears that the system is incapable of properly awakening them as well, meaning that a full replacement of parts is necessary in order to proceed. Emergency repair supplies for a system such as this are located in Vault 1. You will need to retrieve that somehow. If the doors have been sealed, or you are the first awakened, then we apologize. Vault 72 will need to wait for outside help.”

Realizing that in this “tomb where time forgot” that Arlyyn needed to somehow destroy the generator and allow the area to be absorbed by the Earth to fulfill her prophecy, the party quickly harvested the “bow” from the body of Rixiit and fled the dungeon, using Karak’s Mug of Liquid Gold to discharge explosives in the key load bearing points of the Vault. Everyone just barely escaped the inferno before the fire from the alchohol and subsequently the Generator, destroyed Vault 72 and invited in the Earth to take over. And so one hope of the Ancients died that day, but the secrets of the Vault lived on in the memories of the party.

High Shaman

Armed with the knowledge of what lies within the depths of the Great Temple, and the access code to Vault 72, the party returned to Yamen’Kathala, short two of their strongest allies. A sense of regret stood over the party as they slept until dawn when the sky split and the ground rumbled, waking the entire city. A bolt of lightning had struck in the forested area to the west of the town, clearly visible from the inn window. Both Ix and Arlyyn sensed a great disturbance occuring in the local magical energies around them, and so they decided to investigate.

In a small clearing within the forest the party saw a great battle taking place. Many different Kathara elves were fighting. One called upon the forces of lightning, one was aided by a pack of spiritual wolves, one fought well with an axe, and one appeared to be aided by the forces of the Earth. Arlyyn could now see what was occurring. When the High Shaman had been slain without an heir, a sacred ceremony begins. Choice of the next High Shaman is given by right of arms, and these participants who wished to become the next High Shaman were now locked in a fight to the death. The Spirits were watching this ceremony. The only escape was death.

Determined that with the aid of her allies in this fight to the death, she could rule the highlands, Arlyyn announced as she entered the clearing that she would join the fight. Determined to help their ally, the rest of the party took up arms as Arlyyn joined the fray. She wasn’t the last person to join to claim the title of High Shaman. Karak Farwander, a deep Dwarf Warden from the Feydark, had been drawn from the surrounding wilds to the battle. After wandering the Feydark in exile from his clan, Karak had come upon Anan’Teleien and sensed Ruth’Cabed. After wandering the wilds searching for the source of the fissure, he came upon the battle for High Shaman. Another was also drawn to the battle. RELIC, the remains of an Ancient warforged created for knowledge and research purposes but now, freed from his tomb at the time of Ruth’Cabed, operating as an Artificer, constantly tinkering with himself to avoid falling apart after thousands of years of degradation. Karak, noticing that a worthy battle was occuring, unknowingly challenged for position of High Shaman when he jumped into the fray, and RELIC, sensing humanoid creatures such as those found throughout Anan’Teleien as enemies, proceeded to defend himself, and thus joined the battle as well.

The four original challengers were slain in the battle, outnumbered and outmatched by the six adventurers. When they believed the battle had concluded, the party decided to accept RELIC and Karak into their group to replace their lost allies, but when they attempted to return to town, they were blocked by a wall of flame that erupted out of the ground before them. A partial manifestation of a Spirit of Flame coalesced out of the fire, and announced in a twisted verse that the party has entered the sacred combat, and that only one may claim the title of High Shaman.

While Cam was more than happy to attempt to slay his friends, he was stopped by Karak. The party attempted to explain that they were outsiders to Anan’Teleien. As outsiders, they could not become High Shaman, all except for Arlyyn, who was willing to accept the position. The spirit found this as acceptable, but forced the players to actually relinquish the combat by shedding their own blood upon the ground before Arlyyn in the method akin to prisoners of war among the Kathara. By doing so, the party stated that they had been humiliatingly defeated by Arlyyn, and are undeserving of any victory in this sacred battle.

Arlyyn accepted the position of High Shaman, and felt herself being transported atop the highest mountain in the highlands, far away. There, she was met by the three Eternal Spirits of previous High Shamans. These spirits told her that while she is welcome to take the political position of High Shaman and communicate with local spirits, in order to join the ranks of the true High Shamans and be blessed with the position of one of the Eternal Spirits, she would need to complete the Test of Spirit. All High Shamans attempt this task, but few ever complete it in their lifetimes. She would be watched by the Eternal Spirits and judged based on her moral abilities. As clues to know when she was being tested, she was given three cryptic prophecies.

When you stand midst the earth and waters, many will burn around you. Can you be trusted to brave the flames and liberate a drowned man from the inferno?

In the tomb where time forgot, a man gives his life to sustain another’s. Do not disgrace his body even as he gives it to further your goals.

Midst stone walls and moonlit sky, a family clings to golden treasure. Perhaps what is yours is better as theirs.

Arlyyn accepted the test, and was transported back to her party, looking as if no time had passed at all.

As the newest High Shaman, Arlyyn returned not to the inn, but to the House of the Spirits, the palace befitting of the High Shaman of the Kathara. Within the palace she was met by the voices of the many protective air spirits of the palace, who now accepted the authority of Arlyyn’s word. They were ordered not to slay intruders like the previous Shaman did, but to simply not allow malicious individuals into the palace. She also met with the many acolytes under the Shaman, among them being Saynin, the only acolyte of water in the palace. Like the exorcism before, Saynin attempted to eradicate the Will of the Geyser from Cam and Ix, but they found that the curse was too strong. The only known way to remove it would be to submerge them in the Cleansing Pools, deep within the legendary “mother swamp” of Tel’Nendor. The party would have to Delay Affliction until then. The party knew they would have to leave Yamen’Kathala once again. Whether it meant uniting the tribes, finding the horns of the guardian ram, or unlocking Vault 72, the High Shaman could not stay with her people. The party ordered Saynin and the other acolytes to watch over the city and warn them in case of emergency. Armed with two artifacts from the throne room, a totem that allows for free communication with local spirits passed down to Arlyyn from the previous Shaman, and a stone divining sphere, which would indicate the general direction of the place you want to go, the party was met by Lucan at the city gates, and they set off into the untamed wilderness in search of adventure.


As they descended into the depths of Kel’Este, the great pyramid temple of Yamen’Kathala, the party encountered, at the base of the stairs, a branch in the dark, unlit stone halls. Taking the upper branch, the party found themselves in a medium sized, heavily furnished room. The walls were lined with urns, bookshelves, wardrobes, and chests, which, after special examination by Cam and Ix, were revealed to contain many items that suggested that this room is the King’s Chamber, where a high shaman or a king would have been buried at the building of the pyramid, but upon further examination, three valuable art objects were found that were elven in appearance, but had a strangeness to them that suggested that these items were simple replicas, put in place by someone trying to mimic the native society. A large column in the middle of the room, quickly smashed open by A’kahn revealed beneath it’s stones a wide glass tube with purple streaks of lightning flowing down from what the party assumed was the crystal atop the pyramid inside of it. Knowing for sure the temple held an Ancient presence, they were cautious of the two blindfolded statues near the doorway.

Up the stairs within the King’s Chamber, a smaller chamber was revealed that was noticeablly less furnished. Six statues lined the walls, which turned out to be mechanical on the inside, as a common trope among Ancient guardians. Besides two valuable necklaces, the only item of interest in the room was a strangely placed large pile of sand. Cam, being the first to enter the Queen’s Chamber, dug through the pile to reveal a metal plate with a molded imprint in the center. A human hand, perfectly sculpted as an indentation into the metal plating, with a single red crystal embedded in the palm. Sure the hand was going to do something very bad with the guardians standing silent and stoic around them, Cam decided to place not his own hand upon the scanner, but the severed human hand colored and decorated to look like a bird. The console roared to life, causing the entire temple to suddenly blaze with ambient lighting, and the group was greeted with an echoing mechanical voice. It seemed to try several hundred languages before locking onto common, stating “DNA sample has been verified. Please proceed to intellect processing rooms for analysis.” Knowing they had gained access to the temple, the party took the descending path, wandering deep into the depths of Kel’Este.

They faced four puzzles that tested their wits and endurance. First, they were challenged by a set of six animate statues, which appeared to move and act as queens on a chessboard. Before they attacked, the party heard a riddle played as a clue for the puzzle.

“When the king fell there lived six queens
All who wished to rule the land
Six castles they each erected
they tried, but they could not stand.
For each Queen placed themselves
across the land from another’s
and their towers came into conflict
like the conflict between brothers
when the castles fell, there was peace
and they could not see one another
because the queens stood strong and fast
where they couldn’t take each other."

After deactivating several queens, the party soon figured out that they had to force or trick the queens into standing in locations where, according to the rules of chess, they would not threaten their position. Next, the party was faced with a disorienting room filled with smoke and lined with mirrors, with six “runes” engraved onto the floor. After discovering these runes were not magical, but sensors designed to appear to be runes, the party faced a daunting threat. Exact duplicates of themselves appeared around the room. Without attacking first, the doppelgangers didn’t attack them either, and the party quickly figured out that they had to move themselves so the duplicates would stand on each of the runes. Next, they found themselves in a room where the laws of time appeared to work backward to a point. The players had to move backwards to move forwards, and had to target behind themselves to attack in front of themselves. After defeating the six guardians within the room, A’kahn found that leaving through the door they expected to only placed him back at the entrance of the room. Quickly realizing this, he then tried to leave from where he entered, reversing the time effect and opening the room to the next area, revealing a slow moving body of the Uru’Gwaith attempting to escape from something beyond. The other door, connected to the smoke and mirrors room, revealed a group of Alu’Nore attempting to do the same. The party decided to fight the Alu’Nore, finding that the choking gasses within the room seemed to be aerosolized acid, leaking from the walls. While resting, the party experimented with the super-sharp metal they found back near the village. They discovered, under certain conditions, the metal would float with an electric current flowing through it, defying gravity.

The final puzzle was in an open and brightly lit room with a giant orrery floating in the center. The herald told the party that the “ecliptical defense system [was] online” and warned them that “enraged holograms are extremely hot” when two holographic beings were summoned beside the orrery. Each of the monsters appeared to embody a heavenly body, one with powers and appearance to match the moon and one to match the sun. Mid combat with the holograms, Cenarious and Ix figured out to set the orrery to appear as if there was an eclipse, lunar weakened the moon being and solar weakened the sun hologram. With this knowledge in mind, the monsters were quickly defeated, and a suit of Moon Armor and a Sunblade glaive materialized where the holograms were summoned. With the final puzzle complete, the doorway to the final room was unlocked.

As the door wrenched open, the lights cut out, revealing in the darkness an Ancient structure. The glass tube connected to the King and Queen’s chambers stuck out of the ceiling, spewing lightning to all corners of the room out of it’s broken base. A ring of scalloped panels were placed in the center of the room, each of which appeared to be constructed of the same metal as discovered before. This ring of panels appeared to be containing a massive swirling vortex of gravitational energy, that, at the moment the door was opened, began to suck the party in towards it’s black hungering maw. It appeared that the panels were missing in one place, so the party focused on those. The party anchored themselves upon the control panel for the orrery, and entered the area, attempting to repair the massive hole in the machine with a Make Whole Ritual. All the while, gravitational spirits began to spew out of the vortex with abilities to push and pull the members of the party toward the hole in the device and into the mouth of the singularity. Before anyone was destroyed, the hole was closed.

Victory was short lived, however, when, due to the panels lacking a charge for their anti-gravitational effects to take place, three panels were relentlessly pulled into the singularity. To make matters worse, the singularity began to produce stronger force beings with the express intent of forcing the party into the maw of the singularity. Cenarious found himself pulled into the vortex when he was attacked by the Gravity Weavers, and even as the party were busy repairing the holes in the shielding, realizing now the electrical charge was necessary, A’kahn fell into the hungering vortex, meeting his irreversible and untimely demise as well.

The remaining party which consisted of Arlyyn, Elliora, Cam, and Ix, managed to defeat the Gravity Weavers, and with but one hole in the machine, were faced with the greatest challenge the singularity had to offer. A great beast of force with the ability to manipulate the gravity around it to massive quantities, known simply as the Event Horizon, materialized out of the singularity. Luckily, with quick dodging skills and smart placement, the shielding was repaired by Elliora’s hand, and the Event Horizon disappeared into the singularity as the gravitational forces around them equalized once again. Buried in the muck of an escaping Uru’Gwaith, the party found a small device that, while badly damaged, appeared to adhere to the muck well enough to avoid the force of the singularity. The device spoke with a familiar metallic voice, and revealed the secret.

The Singularity was used as a tool for powering all of the Ancient world’s weaponry millennia ago. Harnessed by the plating, and powered by itself in a perpetual energy production device, the singularity was used to great effect at the time of the ancients. This facility was created to last for as long as possible, for if the shielding would rupture, the singularity would fall into the planet, destroying the world. As time went by, the power of the singularity slowly waned, until it failed completely about a century ago. The power, now with nowhere to go, began to be absorbed by the surrounding Astralite and became a breeding ground for magical energy, the most prominent of which was Primal energy. The secret is the existence of the singularity at the base of the temple, which, by a High Shaman nearly a century ago, was used to trap the spirits of the Alu’Nore and the Uru’Gwaith within.

The party was now armed with the secret of the ancients, but at the expense of A’kahn and Cenarious’s lives. Such is the price of such knowledge…

Bloody Murder

As it was turning dusk the following day Cam, Cenarious, and Ix went to explore the city, specifically examining the waters of the gate. They remembered seeing the stone ram above the city gate was missing it’s horns, and so proceeded to investigate. There they discovered that the Ram’s horns, which were clearly made of gold, were actually removed by what could only be described as water damage. They were corroded off by the blasting force of super-heated water. Wondering how the force could have been so strong, they investigated the nearest source of water, the river. From afar the river appeared normal, but as they approached, the waters boiled, and the resulting steam began to grab and pull at them, causing them to turn and run straight to the inn.

That evening, the party enjoyed a short lyrical poem given by an elf under the name of Telain. Although the reception was fairly lacking, the words of the song were intriguing enough to catch the interest of the party members. It stated, simply put, that the High Shaman of Yamen’Kathala holds a most holy secret that is shared only along the Shaman bloodline. The secret, which lies deep within the halls of Ke’Este, the Great Temple, is passed very carefully from the High Shaman to his son. If the Shaman dies without heiring a son, then the secret would be lost until someone is brave enough to discover it again.

Ixmort, being in a state of the Alu’Nore curse, was kept a close eye on during the following night by Cam. No movement was discovered that evening, but the following morning Ix discovered that there was a clean, soaking wet dagger stowed beneath his pillow. Although it was a strange occurrence, the party largely discounted the dagger, suspecting it was nothing more than some nocturnal actions caused by the curse. That was, until, the party was alerted by an Acolyte of Water they met at the temple yesterday that the High Shaman had called for them.Preview

The party rushed to the palace to find the High Shaman on his bed, face up, with his throat slit. The High Shaman couldn’t have called for them, as he was dead. The party immediately suspected murder, specifically the perpetrator being none other than their companion Ix. The party soon realized that the killer couldn’t have been Ix, because he was stuck under the watchful eye of Cam all night long. The party gathered clues as to who it could be, finding blood on an Acolyte’s robe, a trail of water leading up from the Acolyte’s chambers to the throne room, cold water upon the bed of the High Shaman, and shockingly, the Shaman’s apparent lack of a son. Interrogating the Acolyte revealed that the bard, Telain was seen about the streets late last night outside a small party among the Acolytes. The finger finally fell on Telain.

The party left to the inn to ask the innkeeper or other patrons where Telain had gotten off to. He was scheduled to appear at one of the outlying villages in a few days to honor the festival of the sun. Contacting the spirits, made by A’khan, revealed even more unsettling news. Telain was just a fake name and persona created by a Doppleganger of who’s true name is unknown. Anyone could be the Doppleganger, but the party was confident that Telain, who probably wouldn’t suspect that they had caught on to him, was still in his bard form. So the party set off to the outlying village to await the appearance of Telain. At the village, the Shaman of the village told them that Telain was not coming to the village anymore due to the High Shaman’s death ceremony being scheduled for that night at the Sacred Stone.

The party set a trap at the stone, and as the High Shaman was brought up to the stone, surrounded by a crowd of his most loyal subjects and citizens of Yamen’Kathala, Telain took the stand before the Sacred Stone to sing over the corpse of the High Shaman. The party struck then, harassing Telain with psychic words and whispered words from Cam, in an invisible state. They harassed Telain to the point where he was ready to announce to the world he was the killer. Always one for theatricality, Telain took out his music box, and began to play a daunting and climactic tune as he announced he killed the High Shaman to the people. His eyes began to glow brightly, he reverted to his natural state, and he began to spew boiling water out of his pores. Raising his hands The Sacred Stone erupted with steam, while lashing tentacles grasped at the minds of the citizens around them, forming an army of Possessed zombies to fight for the Alu’Nore.

In the end, Telain was slain. Despite many attempts to flee the battle, a forest fire started by the Possessed contained the combat. Upon his corpse, the party discovered an Assassin’s Dagger, which would have easily provided the party with a substantial magical bonus, if not for it’s price. The dagger was cursed with a mind of it’s own, or so they thought. Ix and Cam were both cursed by touching the dagger with the Will of the Geyser, connecting them to the Alu’Nore overmind and began to slowly turn them into the Possessed. The dagger was disenchanted and destroyed, but it was too late. The Will of the Geyser had already begun to absorb their psyche.

Undaunted by this impending curse, the party went on to rediscover the secret of the Ancients, deep within the temple. After all, with no High Shaman left, someone had to…

Newcomers in Yamen'Kathala

The Earth spirit was released, the four golden totems were collected, and as the great spirit’s worldly form dissipated, it left a small stone orb behind, an Orb of Stored Energy. The players, now able to escape these hot, steaming caverns, stopped suddenly when they saw that the far wall of the cavern was constructed flat, with metal. There appeared to be a large door set into it made out of the same metal, with the inscription in Ancient, Vault 72. Re-connecting broken tubes leaking oil like substance on the sides of the room, the door activated with the voice command “access”, and released a display that appeared to be asking for a seven digit code. Without the password, the players made a note of the Vault’s existence, and continued on their way out of the cavern.

Nearing Yamen’Kathala, the party encountered the village of Este that evening, during the festival of blood. The players were invited into the village, fed, and given a place to rest. They were also invited to join the celebrations, which many of them did. But there is no rest for the wicked, as they say, and sitting around the fire the party encountered a strange cloaked man. His hand was silver and metallic, and removing his hood, they noticed that his face consisted of nothing but a single large orb implanted into a metallic human head. At first shocked by the android, it soon explained that it was the wizard Adalgrim from back in Midnight Shore, and it sent this android here by locking on to the party’s temporal position to offer them a way back. He warned that the forces that be would cause the island to be overrun with spirits of steam and mud, and then force the island to sink into the sea very soon. The android could be activated to create a short term portal back to Midnight Shore, but that would mean leaving the natives to their devices with armageddon coming.

The party nobly refused the offer and decided that to combat the warning of an Alu’Nore army they would need to unite the tribes. The following morning, trudging through several hangovers, the party left the Village of Este with several hundred pounds of cannibalized metal from the android. They walked their way to the north, following the river to it’s source, and eventually managed to see the city of Yamen’Kathala, nestled in the valley between two mountains, and cradling one source of the Kal’Loke river. They entered the city after being inspected by the guards, and proceeded to repair the burnt limb of Ix with a warforged like cyborg limb similar to the leg of Arlyyn at a medical shop. The party then split up, with Cam and Cenarious traveling through the Amba’an to reach something on the map known as the Sacred Stone, while the rest of the party went and traveled to the palace so they could speak to the High Shaman.

The actual palace was 400 steps in the air, and everyone but A’kahn felt the effects of near suffocation when they made it to the top. Rushing to the High Shaman’s personal quarters, he soon nullified the suffocation effect, explaining that the top of this palace is affected by the spirits of air, and those not trained in the ways of primal magic soon find themselves suffocating up here. Among other things, it keeps solicitors out. A brief conversation commenced and the party explained to the High Shaman that the Alu’Nore and the Uru’gwaith have returned, and with them, the potential destruction of the island. They convinced him that he would need to unite the tribes under an order of peace, and the ideal way to do this would be to send the party to Yamen’Avathar in order to present the treaty. Then the conversation moved forward to wonder why the Alu’Nore had escaped in the first place, and after the realization that the barriers created by the Great Temple had been broken, the Shaman agreed to meet the party in three days at the base of the temple so together they could investigate.

Later that evening, resting in a warded room of an inn, the party watched shadows of the Alu’Nore screaming and clawing away through the mist rising off the lake…

In Hot Water

Session on September 10th

As the party delved deeper into the dungeon, they were first met by a small group of six natives. These natives were from the village of the Climbing Horse, the village that had been conquered by the Alu’Nore. The natives, dripping with an infinite stream of boiling water and clutching their necks as if they were drowning, pleaded for help from the adventurere, but all they could do was put them out of their misery. Within the room they encountered a silver plate upon an altar, with a severed human hand colored and decorated to look like a brightly colored bird. They also encountered a Sacred Mask, devoted to the spirits of the sun.

In the next room the party encountered another native, although he was insane on his own accord. The native, who detailed in his journal his descent into madness while being possessed by the Alu’Nore and how he tricked his tribe into joining forces with the geysers. This native not only had a penchant for reanimating the severed body parts of his tribesmen, but also a penchant for the wines made of the blood of his enemies. Afterwards, the party decided to rest, but were haunted throughout the night by a steamy apparition of the Alu’Nore’s creation. Ix found himself cursed by the apparition, although the exact results of this are yet to be discovered.

Walking along a boardwalk, just inches away from the boiling waters, a large area, with two platforms, revealed a group of Alu’Nore and their cultists. After destroying the Alu’Nore and the cultists, the party found a Psyweave Cloak within a chest, somehow dedicated directly to Cenarious. The chest was noted by someone by the name of Fea’Aliye, Kindred of Spirit. A Mask of Fear was also found within a pit filled with boiling water and floating, screaming skulls. Lastly , within the room the party found a small dish of water enchanted with elemental cold, which allowed the boiling water in the entire cavern to be cooled. The party has been incapable of reproducing the water so far.

The plot of the dungeon centered around an Alu’Nore plot to release an earth spirit in a rage great enough to destroy the island. The party released the spirit by removing the solid gold capturing totems from the cardinal directions and slaying the incarnation of the spirit before he grew too powerful…


From the portal spewed apparitions of elemental creatures from each of the four major elemental planes. The party fought these apparitions accompanied by a small group of arcane casters and fighters, and managed to stabilize the portal for a short time. The portal was opened to an area fairly close to the mainland of the Feywild, and beyond the portal they saw the thick steaming jungles of the land beyond.

Seeking further adventure, the party entered the portal, and found themselves in the lowlands of Anan’Teleien, a fairly large island to the east of the main Feywild landmass. They entered the island through a massive rift that spewed Astral Energy into the area around it, and soon found that just as the rift opened, it closed again, leaving the party stranded in the thick jungles. The only choice was to either venture further into the lowlands, or to climb the massive cliff separating the lowlands and the highlands, known locally as Ruth’Cabed.

Deciding to venture further into the lowlands, the party soon encountered some sort of blink dragon subspecies. The fight was short, but the creature was not the true threat to the party. A hunting party stalking the beast soon followed, and several natives attacked the party, but found that the newcomers into the lowlands were far more powerful than they expected. With the hunting party defeated, the adventurers continued on through the jungle, crossing rivers and finding many strange creatures along the way. It was then they were intercepted by a single native.

The native showed the adventurers to her village, created in the middle layer of the jungle, over the heads of the ground dwelling creatures. Here they met a small village of native elves, and found a place to rest. Here they also spoke to the shaman of the village, and learned more about their true purpose on Anan’Teleien.

Anan’Teleien was populated by two tribes, the Avathar and the Kathara. The Avathar tribe populated the savage jungles of the lowlands, while the Kathara inhabited the forests and mountains of the highlands. These tribes were mortal enemies, but the reason why had been sent into legend, buried by the sands of time. Here they also heard two legends of the people

Two very powerful beings existed in the endless jungles to the West long before the age of elves, the king of beasts, Gamad’Kelvar, and the serpent queen Gaer’loke. These beings became lost in a sudden storm when rowing off the coast in search of fish, and soon fell in love with each other. Gamad’Kelvar and Gaer’loke decided to abandon the rule of the Feywild, and they found an island to live on. Then, they began to fight with each other, as they were both now trapped on an empty island with each other, and the Earth moved with Gamad’Kelvar and the Sea with Gaer’Loke, tearing the island into two halves, separated by a cliff. The highlands and the lowlands were created. In anger, each of them left to their sides of the island and fell asleep. Gaer’Loke became the Kal’loke River and gave birth to the jungles, and Gamad’Kelvar became the mountains of the highlands and the beasts of the island. Gamad’Kelvar now rules the island, stalking the jungles of his wife’s rule, while Gaer’Loke still sleeps at the bed of the river, and has yet to awaken.

Long ago, before the days of the Kathara and the Avathar, there was a pair of elves who landed on the island by a strange storm. When they landed they saw the divided lands and decided to stay as it was a paradise unimaginable by the elves. As they began to live there, out of the jungle was born a great beast known as Gamad’Kelvar. Its size was great, and its beauty was unmatched. The beast spoke to the elves and told them that the Earth was with them, and the jungle and highlands are both theirs, as long as they share the lands among all people. If they were to divide the lands, the power of the Earth that shaped the island would abandon them, and leave them to live without the Earth’s guidance. Then the beast receded into the forest. Still today Gamad’Kelvar stalks the jungles of the lowlands, and one day may rise again, to bring the power of Earth onto the separated peoples.

Here they also encountered the Changling Assassin, Cam, who was being stored alive for use in upcoming victory feasts. Following many hours of diplomacy, A’khan was challenged to the test of the blood, where he was expected to not only defeat the members of the village in battle, but also destroy an entire Kathara village, in order to gain a position of respect among the distrusting Avathar people. Soon they left the village and headed east to Ruth’Cabed. And there A’khan experienced the test of the blood.

A’khan destroyed what few forces they encountered at the base of the mountain, with a little help from his friends, of course, but unexpectedly, the rift along the side of the cliff opened once more, shaking the island and causing a rock slide along the side. Still, the adventurers climbed Ruth’Cabed in order to make their way to a Kathara village and destroy it. Before they even found such a village, they were confronted by a similar hunting party constructed of Kathara beserkers and lead by a Kathara beastmaster. This beastmaster, who was later revealed to be Arlyyn Ist’Analiyar, an Elf Sorcerer, prevented bloody combat by diplomacy and managed to lead the adventurers back to the village, along with the unconcious bodies of the Avathar challengers.

The adventurers not only were being lead by a native, Arlyyn, but were also carrying with them a peace offering of the unconcious bodies of the Avathar, were welcomed into the village rather than attacked at first. They were greeted by Roscal, the shaman of the village, and he discovered the strong primal connections to A’khan and the strong Astral connections to the others. The party was invited to a feast after a small hunting trip where they killed a Herald of the Storm, some sort of giant gorilla creature that seems to bring wind and rain with it as it travels the highlands. Regardless, that evening, the party met the people of the village.

They met many of the people of the village, and came as close as outsiders could to being members of the Kathara. Along with Roscal, there was Tiri’lindir, his daughter and healer of the tribe. Sangan and Atost’tari were the weapon and armorsmiths of the tribe. Tur’Kelvar was the greatest beastmaster of the tribe, and was the master of Arlyyn, while Turohtar was the master of Beserkers. They also learned that this village was the only in the highlands, as far as they know, to have Istari (sorcerers) born to it. Arlyyn was one of the earlier Istari, but Ista’tali, Seler’falma, and Seler’maer also held the title of Istar.

The following morning, as they awoke within the village, they were called to Tiri’lindir’s hut for a strange occurance. Over night, the village had been visited by a very sick man, who’s ailment was unknown to both Elliora and Tiri’lindir. During the time where the party saw him, he awoke, screaming and frantically speaking of spiraling darkness and mixing spirits, before promptly falling unconscious once more. Tiri’lindir begged the adventurers to travel to a cave about a day’s walk from the village and retrieve The Eye of Ure’loki, a cave leviathan. Supposedly the juices of the eye could cure the ailment in order for the party to gain more information from the sick visitor. And so they left.

At the cave, the adventurers fought in very cramped quarters a large party of Avathar searching for the beast too, met Ixmort the IX, a fey pack warlock and treasure hunter, who found himself in the Kathara highlands through simmilar reasons, and slew the young cave leviathan Ure’loki, retrieving it’s only working eye from it’s corpse. A’khan and Cam both found themselves swept away by a raging current in Ure’loki’s layer, and were seperated from the party, finding themselves in the lowlands.

A’khan and Cam both found themselves in a thick swamp shortly, and decided to stay in a broken down hut overnight. In the night, they were attacked by strange creatures of mud that seemed to be tied to the swamp itself. After destroying these creatures, they were haunted the rest of the night by these mud creatures, but the following morning, they found no sign of them besides a thick layer of mud below the surface of the water.

Back at the village, the adventurers created a concoction from the eye and the visitor awoke. Although disoriented, he managed to explain how he was the shaman of the village of the Climbing Horse, a village to the northwest. He managed to tell the party that something called the Alu’Nore and the Uru’gwaith had returned, and were bound to wreak havoc on the elves of Anan’teleien if they were allowed to mobilize.

When asking Roscal, he explained that the Uru’gwaith were the mud creatures A’khan encountered before, or more specifically, the swamps that the mud creatures are minions of. The Alu’Nore were the sentient steam elementals and the spirits of the highland geysers they are tied to. Each of these elemental creatures are the minion of a greater patron spirit of Anan’Teleien. The Alu’Nore, the tools of Gaer’Loke, and the Uru’Gwaith, the spirits of Gamad’Kelvar. If it is true that they have returned, then a great unbalance must have angered the spirits, and if balance is not brought to the tribes soon, the island itself is doomed to sink into the sea.

The party formed a plan. They would travel to the village of the Climbing Horse to gather swift mounts in order to reach the center of the Kathara tribe, Yamen’Kathara, a town to the north. Here they would plea the High Shaman to speak to the High Shaman of the Avathar, and hopefully bring peace to the people. In order to reach the town, a long journey of nearly 100 miles would have to be made. So they purchased what supplies they could from a common speaking elf called Olin’var, and set off to Yamen’Kathara.

After two and a half days of travel they found the village of the Climbing Horse, but something had gone very wrong. All the villagers had been turned into the pawns of strange creatures, and the very ground itself cracked and the lake boiled at nearly 400 degrees. The spirits of steam, the Alu’Nore, had attacked the village of the Climbing Horse, and the party barely won the battle, but not after the unfortunate, but short lived death of Arlyyn.

Arlyyn was Raised, and after the party experienced the power of the Alu’Nore, they shuddered to see what could come if they created an army of such. Further on their journey they found a cave that showed strange primal activity occuring within, and they entered to investigate, but found that as they came to what appeared to be an inhabited area, they were truly in hot water…

Adventures in Midnight Shore

The campaign began in the small fishing village of Midnight Shore. Standing on the edge of a massive black sand desert known as the Black Wastes in the one section of tillable land in thousands of miles known as the Fertile Strip, Midnight Shore was a trading center for the entire area around it during the reign of Olemar Shipman, the town’s high priest. In his youth, Olemar Shipman ruled benevolently over the town, bringing it from a five house hamlet to an entire town centered around the extravagant Temple of the Sea, a stone temple devoted to the town’s patron, the Sea. When he ruled, the town prospered. He bore a son, Aorek Shipman in that time too. As Olemar aged, however, he began to grow sicker and sicker. Eventually he began to grow insane as well due to this sickness, and he was succeeded by his son, who ruled the best he could.

Olemar was never a good father to Aorek, however, and the prosperity under Olemar’s rule crumbled under Aorek despite his best efforts. The flow of trade from lands across the Wastes halted, a strong presence of pirates formed in the gulf, a Black Market grew in the trade district as well as a thief’s guild along with it, and the town’s militia became Aorek’s personal army. This persisted for many years when a strange sickness began to wash over the town. It was discovered by the priests of the Sea that it was waterborne from the creek flowing in from the east, the town’s only source of fresh water. Aorek did what his father would have done, and recruited a group of unlikely allies to help.

Tebok Steinhammer, a dwarven warlord from the Dragon’s teeth was recruited directly from the militia. Elliora, a cleric of Earth, was recruited from the Temple, and Perrin Sticktheif, a goblin raised halfling rogue was recruited from the growing slums of Midnight Shore. The party formed under command from Aorek himself, and they were told to travel up river until they found the source of the pollutant. The party accepted the order, under hopes of a reward, and the first went to the Trade District in order to gear up for the journey ahead. There they met Sonnellion, a tiefling warlock with a secret history, and the four adventurers traveled Eastward in order to save Midnight Shore

On the creek, they found a strange dungeon built years ago by an unknown people. Within they met a colony of kobolds living as kobolds do, filthily, near the creek, poisoning the waters. Deeper they discovered the kobolds were under control of a young black dragon by the name of Segura, who, despite sustaining many injuries including a scarred eye from one of Perrin’s crossbow bolts, escaped through a waterfall, allowing the party access to her meager horde. Segura swore revenge, and set off to form an army, meanwhile, the party returned to Aorek, received their reward, and went off to spend their dragon hoard and talk tales from the dungeon to the townspeople.

Weeks later, Aorek receives a sending from the mysterious wizard to the north under the name Adalgrim. Adalgrim lived at the very top of his tower, known to the locals as Adalgrim’s Tower. As Elliora and Sonnellion were preoccupied with various issues, Tebok and Perrin were sent North to Adalgrim’s tower, and entered the tower via the morgue beneath it. There they fought hordes of magically awakened dead, found a small symbol containing the soul of an unknown person, and emerged to the top of the tower, finding Adalgrim hard at work.

Through a magical sphere Adalgrim spoke to Tebok and Perrin telling them of a town deep in the desert to the north that is in desperate need of help. A group of Raiders, bloodthirsty mutants with demonic origins, have made camp in a nearby spring, and as their numbers grow, they threaten even the fortified underground town of Haven. They are also warned to be wary of the pirates in the town as well as the undead they found, for the undead are no ordinary undead, and the Raiders are no ordinary Raiders.

Back at the town, Tebok and Perrin reconvened with Elliora and Sonnellion and the party set forth to the north in hopes of finding Haven and saving it from the raiders. They journeyed for days through the unforgiving desert, and just as Elliora was about to fall from the heat, an oasis was found. Unfortunately, the Raiders living around the Oasis were not welcoming by any means. The party ransacked the campsite, killing disturbing creatures purposefully mutated by other raiders, and found that the campsite not only had connections to demonic forces, but they were preying on the people who traveled through the Wastes and growing their mutated numbers. Through this, the party stopped a growing Raider threat, narrowly escaping becoming Raiders themselves.

After a long rest, the party completed their journey to Haven and encountered the town, hidden beneath the shifting sands of the Wastes. However difficult it was to enter the city, they soon entered and found a highly fortified, self sufficient town carved into the stone. Here they discovered the extremely utopian standards of Haven, including it’s mandatory military service. Despite all the work the rulers of Haven went through to isolate the town from the corruption of the outside world, Haven found itself becoming corrupted from within instead. Veins of Astralite were encountered by water miners and farmers, turning many inhabitants into Raiders. Some were coherent and friendly, more or less, but they heard knowledge of others who were not so lucky.
In haven, as they explored, the party encountered Lucan, an Elf Ranger and a high class Haven military officer, who joined the party.

Thinking they were led incorrectly from Adalgrim, the party attempted to leave Haven, but were told that exit was not allowed until the following morning due to sandstorms in the area. As the party went to the Oligarchy in order to complain of this inconvenience, Perrin made a rude comment, and was promptly sentenced to execution under Haven’s “zero tolerance” laws. Perrin was stripped of his possessions, bound, gagged, and quickly expelled into the desert, with a storm growing quickly. Luckily, due to some quick thinking and diplomacy skills of Tebok, Lucan, and Elliora, the party managed to smuggle Perrin’s gear into the desert with him. The remainder of the party vowed to rescue Perrin in the morning, and found a inn to stay in while the storm passed.

Meanwhile, Perrin, being an expert escape artist, released his binds and equipped himself as the storm brewed. Searching for nearby shelter, he encountered the bound Kris Sandblood, another “executed” man from Haven. Together Perrin and Kris traveled the desert through the heat of the storm. They were attacked by a pack of roaming Raider hunting wolves, and soon found their way back to the oasis by morning. At the oasis, Perrin and Kris entered a hidden dungeon beneath the oasis and fought through the remainder of the Raider forces, including the last remaining member of the Sticktheif clan, Davvry Sticktheif, who was taken and mutated into a Raider with the raid on the goblin tribe. Within the cave they also encountered the bound body and spirit of The Lady of The Winds, a powerful Shardmind Psion, who granted the party warning and some choice gifts before reincarnating elsewhere on Azura. Davvry escaped, and Perrin did as well, unmutated, although Kris was not as lucky.

The following morning, the party left Haven through the sewers with their new member. In the sewers they found a colony of raiders who were preying on the citizens of Haven. These raiders were more insane than most, and declared themselves the Lords of Haven, composed of the Lords of Furniture, the Lord of Clothes, and the Lord of Weapons. The party escaped without mutation, and later encountered Perrin, alone, at the oasis. Together the party traveled back to Midnight Shore to find a shocking fact. Despite the fact that it was nearly midday when they arrived, the town was virtually deserted.

Rushing to the Temple of the Sea, they discovered Olemar Shipman locked in a small room. The party could extract little from Olemar by speaking with him due to the stage of the disease Oleamar had fallen into, complete madness. But they did find some shocking evidence when examining Olemar that he was not diseased, rather he was poisoned. Such a poison must have been applied regularly over a long period of time to do the damage it had done, and the party suspected that Aorek was behind this. When the party spoke to Aorek, he revealed several things. Firstly, the town has been evacuated to Silvershore as Segura, the black dragon that was building an army earlier, declared that the town was to be destroyed if she were not given access to Yenroar Dragonsbane. Secondly, Yenroar Dragonsbane was a skilled alchemist, necromancer, and assassin who was under the employ of Aorek. Yenroar poisoned Olemar so Aorek could seize power, all under the command of Aorek, and now Aorek’s actions had returned to him in the form of the potential destruction of Midnight Shore.

The party spoke with Aorek and had him stop poisoning his father and make up for his crimes by returning the citizens of Midnight Shore to their proper home and standing up to Segura in order to repel the evil that was about to come upon the land. Then, the party was confronted by a soldier warning the party of not one, but two sudden attacks on the town. One attack came from within the outer wall and the troops reported strange green fog and waking corpses. The other sailed in from the sea, as massive pirate ships with large populations of hunting wolves began to ransack the fishing district. As best they could, the party rushed to the inner wall to stop the advance of the walking dead.

In the inner wall, they were joined by a group of troops who were holding the line against a horde of undead. These troops were ordered by Tebok to go defend the docks while the party took care of the undead. A flurry of blades and spells followed as the party fought their way to the portal the undead were spewing out of and stabilized it, hoping to close it later. Then, the weary party who were low on hit points took a short rest, but were soon in the fray on the other side of town when a Raider pirate, a beastmaster, threw hordes of trained wolves at the party along the docks. The party fought best they could, and Tebok eventually found himself victim to the wolves’ assault, and the attack was only stopped when the pirates were forced back onto the deck of their ship by the party, and the ship was burned to the ground by a prompt spell by Sonnellion.

Tebok was rushed to the Temple, where a priest told them that Tebok was beyond the use of simple healing to restore him, and that he required the use of a Scroll of Resurrection, one that the party did not possess. They scoured the merchant’s row and Black Market in search for a scroll of such caliber, but found none. The only hope they recieved was from the kind word of the magic shop owner, who told them that he had heard rumor of a large castle behind the portal, and that such a castle was bound to carry a library containing the scroll they required. Thanking the merchant, Elliora preserved Tebok’s body, and the party rested the night, prepared to enter the Infected Castle beyond the portal in the morning.

The adventurers soon found themselves in the courtyard of the castle, where they were attacked by hordes of zombies, both real and illusory, through a thick green fog. As the forces of dead in the courtyard were destroyed, the party found another adventurer who came through the portal, A’khan, a Goliath Storm Warden. Despite numerous arguments between Perrin and A’khan, where A’khan nearly killed Perrin, the party delved further into the haunted halls of the infected castle. First, they fought through a crypt full of skeletons who’s maniacal laughter echoed through the halls. Then they rose into the kitchen of the castle, where mutilated and mutated bodies were hung on the walls, and Raider Zombies mentioned beneath their whispering breaths of The Green and how it has promised salvation from the mortal coil. They crawled through caverns, with ceilings lined with strange creatures that dangled tongues to the floor and brought them up into gaping mouths. They fought a wight with a strange symbiosis with flesh motes that absorbed missile damage aimed at the wight. They descended deeper and deeper into madness, as The Green in the minds of the castle’s staff, and The Green in the air, and The Green filtering through the floorboards, created illusions that seemed so real, that they actually inflicted damage upon the minds of the adventurers. An illusory river gave birth to a horde of ghouls, and as they entered a room devoted to an altar to the Earth, they found that plant life appeared to grow through the room, forming a strange battlefield to fight a powerful zombie activated by a large shard of Astralite.

The Shard Zombie fell, but at a cost. Perrin used the astral energy enchanted blade given to him by The Lady of the Winds to pierce the shard, resulting in nearly 200 RADS absorbed into Perrin’s body. As mutation took over, the barely conscious body of Perrin spoke to the party, and A’khan decided to burn Perrin, in hopes of The Green never using his body as it’s puppet. Still they pressed on, and encountered a library, but as they defeated the demented librarian and his wights, they found that the scroll of resurrection they came for remained on the shelves, as they attempted to leave, they suddenly found that the room had changed in the blink of an eye. They walked along pathways made of ectoplasm, and fought ghostly bats flying in from the void surrounding them. It was on these floating platforms that they barely conquered a Mother of The Green, freeing the Infected Castle from it’s wrath. Scroll in hand, they returned to midnight shore, leaving the portal open, knowing that nothing could come out any longer.

The town was populated again, and the Spirit of Tebok told them to not resurrect him. The party spend the money from the Castle and gave the scroll to the temple in order for them to use it with another adventuring party, and confronted Aorek. The following argument resulted in Aorek revealing that Segura still threatened to destroy the town, and that the pirates and zombies were only just the beginning. They considered “giving” her Yenroar, but he was not only nowhere to be found, but they knew that Yenroar in Segura’s hands could easily destroy the town anyway. As a last hope, Aorek sent the party to the Crown of the Ancients, a lush jungle like area several day’s travel by boat from Midnight Shore, apparently the home of A’khan’s tribe. The party was joined by Cenarious, an Eladrin Psion, by word of Aorek.

The party communed with some pirates and managed to get them to sail them to the Crown, but left them at the Crown with fear of what lives within. There A’khan led the party through the jungle to the Four Towers, a temple built over a powerful artifact known as the Spear of the Ancients that his tribe was bound to protect from the forces of evil. Within each tower, they fought the animated constructs of the Ancients, brought to semi-life by their technology. Guardians four times the height of a man rested within some towers, and in each tower they found a strange golden device that fired a beam of light into the center. When all four were activated, pillars rose from the ground and more golden devices deflected the beams, revealing a massive stone guardian that reshaped the land around it into massive walls in which to lay out the battlefield. The party defeated the ancient guardian, and just as they thought they had won the spear, they were suddenly shifted in dimensional perspective. Each of them fought in randomly selected towers based on the four elemental planes, fighting in third dimensional areas, but able to see the others in the other towers folded in space over their location. Eventually they each figured out to touch devices in the center of each tower at the same time, and were transported to another tower, with walls lined with mirrors.

The mirrored guardian revealed that it was the final guardian of the spear, and as they fought, beams of laser light ricocheted through the battlefield. They finally shattered the mirror guardian, and were transported back to their home dimension, when they found a large stone. As they broke open the stone they discovered a box labeled AX274 GRYPHON. Within the crate they discovered a rifle capable of blasting massive holes in most substances using beams of super-heated ions. The party also discovered more about Azura’s history, including information on how many years ago the Ancients had a highly advanced technological society, but were faced with a great end to their prosperity. The Ancients were forced to send their society into places known as Vaults where the Ancients lived for nearly 8000 years. Over time, the Ancients changed into the races known today, isolated under the vaults. Some left the vaults early and became demons and devils, others never surfaced and carved the Underdark. The party still never found what the Great Disaster was, or where Astralite came from, nor did they receive proof that the words of the AI were correct. Still, with the Spear in hand, the party sailed back to Midnight Shore, and prepared with Aorek the final confrontation with Segura.

In the same clearing that Segura first made her lair, the party confronted Segura, joined by a Mother of the Green and her zombies, and Yenroar Dragonsbane, joined by his pack of ravenous wolves. All the party had was the Spear, their only bargaining chip. A diplomatic confrontation followed. Yenroar left Segura’s side and joined Aorek’s, Segura was forced to take her allies and leave the land, and the town was made the honorary protectors of the Spear of the Ancients, where it was locked under the protection of Adalgrim, until such time that it needed to be used again against the forces of evil. So with the final blow made against Segura, the town of Midnight shore enjoyed many months of peace, when suddenly the portal became unstable, and the gateway to a strange land was revealed to the town…

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